District 5 Honor Clinic (click on post title to view pictures)


Congratulations to the following NMS students who participated in the GMEA District 5 Honor Clinic on Saturday, March 18 at Sutton Middle School.

Ethan Alimuddin- 6th Grade- Viola

Nicolas Block- 6th Grade- Viola

Nia Desai- 6th Grade- Violin

Leela Ravoori- 6th Grade- Cello

Yasemine Samari- 6th Grade- Violin

Rebecca Yu- 6th Grade- Violin

Harshita Challa- 7th Grade- Violin

Sarah DeVoe- 7th Grade- Bass

Kaili Hoboy- 7th Grade- Bass

Esha Sringeri- 7th Grade- Viola

Hayden Blanco- 8th Grade- Viola

Lauren Durkin- 8th Grade- Violin

Aastha More- 8th Grade- Violin

Ciara O’Riordan- 8th Grade- Violin