All-State Chorus 2016

The purpose of Georgia All-State Chorus is to provide Georgia choral students (grades 7-12) an opportunity to rehearse and perform with a large group of singers who have demonstrated advanced skills in the areas of singing and music reading and to work with a renowned conductor.

The All-State Chorus Event will take place on February 26-27 at the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia.

In order to attend the event students must pass 2 auditions. Parents are responsible for their child’s transportation to both auditions and the event.


The 1st audition will consist of a prepared solo, scales, sight-reading and a short theory/ear training written test. We will work on sight-reading, scales and theory in class, but students should make an appointment with Ms. Grant before school for individual help selecting a song and preparing for the audition.

If the first audition is passed, the student will attend a second audition.

At the second audition, the student will perform the all-state music for 2 judges and must pass with 70% or better. Those achieving 98% or better will receive a seal of distinction on their all-state certificate. Ms. Grant will also be available before and after school for extra help.

The cost to audition is $20. This fee must be paid (accompanied by the All-State Application) in mid-September 2015 (Date TBD). Checks should be made payable to NMS. If you decide not to audition after this date, your money will not be refunded.

Additional expenses to the students who make All-State will include the purchase of music (approximately $20), rehearsal CD ($25) an acceptance fee ($15), hotel, travel and meal expenses in Athens.

Performance attire: Girls must wear a floor length black skirt, black blouse with sleeves (sleeve length does not matter, no sleeveless) or a dress meeting these requirements with black shoes. Boys must wear black pants, a long sleeved, button down white shirt, black bowtie, black shoes and black socks. School clothes may be worn for all rehearsals.

Parents will be responsible for staying with and chaperoning their own child during the all-state event in Athens. I highly recommend making hotel reservations in Athens now if your child is going to audition as hotel space books up pretty quickly after the audition.

All rehearsals and the performance will be at the Classic Center in Athens, GA

If you would like to audition for All-State Chorus this year, please complete the application and return it to Ms. Grant with your entry fee no later than Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

You may find additional information about All-State Chorus and the audition requirements here: GMEA All-State Chorus