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Congratulations to all of the NMS Orchestra students who participated in the GMEA  Solo and Ensemble Performance Evaluation on April 29 at Milton High School.

Many thanks to Mr. Ryan Harvey for being our judge and Mr. Chris Shumick for hosting.

All groups earned SUPERIOR ratings! Way to go NMS Orchestra!

District 5 Honor Clinic (click on post title to view pictures)


Congratulations to the following NMS students who participated in the GMEA District 5 Honor Clinic on Saturday, March 18 at Sutton Middle School.

Ethan Alimuddin- 6th Grade- Viola

Nicolas Block- 6th Grade- Viola

Nia Desai- 6th Grade- Violin

Leela Ravoori- 6th Grade- Cello

Yasemine Samari- 6th Grade- Violin

Rebecca Yu- 6th Grade- Violin

Harshita Challa- 7th Grade- Violin

Sarah DeVoe- 7th Grade- Bass

Kaili Hoboy- 7th Grade- Bass

Esha Sringeri- 7th Grade- Viola

Hayden Blanco- 8th Grade- Viola

Lauren Durkin- 8th Grade- Violin

Aastha More- 8th Grade- Violin

Ciara O’Riordan- 8th Grade- Violin